i am a writer and a drifter dedicating myself to topics on the margins of society. fuelled by my desire to be everywhere at once, i studied geography and cultural anthropology and lived in coro (venezuela), gießen (germany), heidelberg (germany) and adelaide (australia). but i found myself trapped by the confines of my own body. finally admitting defeat, i settled down in leipzig (germany) in 2007 and studied journalism. the following year i was awarded the “research-prize” by the journalistic magazine “message”. in 2010 i lived in adelaide where i volunteered at radio adelaide (supported by a scholarship of the German National Academic Foundation). just after christmas i started heading back towards europe but decided that winter doesn’t agree with me. as avoidance strategy i explored the islands in the south pacific with my son. i blogged about it. now i turned the stories into a book. it is written in German though and called “mama, sind wir bald da?

I write for a variety of newspapers, magazines and websites like Süddeutsche Zeitung, taz, Spiegel Online, ZEIT and ZEIT Online, GEO, Eltern family, das Magazin – and whoever else is interested in my rather hedonistic choice of topics. Here you find a list of places I have been so far.

english work examples:

lufthansa magazin: the art of living in leipzig

It ushered in the GDR’s demise and was mentioned for the first time over 1000 years ago – Leipzig is also known for a certain kind of crazy

fishing in australia?
Australia. You might think of red dusty outback towns, the venemous snakes, spiders and jellyfish, od surfing and easy going. I bet what doesn’t come up in your mind is fishing.Six Reasons Why It’s Worth the Trip

oil and whales fight for territory

Could whales and oil platforms be neighbours? Federal Resources Minister Martin Ferguson seems to think they can. He has just released new offshore oil leases, and some of them lie in areas that are flagged as potential marine sanctuaries.

how did you find yourself making up street names for an entire emirate, mr.schmid?

Until recently Ras Al Khaimah – the northernmost of the Seven Arab Emirates – had neither street names nor zip codes. Heiko Schmid and his team from Geography Department at the University of Heidelberg changed that.

Here are some stories that I did during my time at “radio adelaide” in 2010.

the wire: let’s talk about sex, baby!

Did you know that the average sex worker comes from a comfortable family background and had a normal job before entering the sex industry? Today is International Whores Day and sex workers are campaigning against the clichés and to get some acknowledgement of the issues they face working in “the oldest profession in the world”.

the wire: the great australian illusion

For years economists have been predicting that the Australian real estate market will collapse. Only last year economist Steven Keen from the university of Western Sydney made a bet with Macquarie’s interest rate strategist Rory Robertson about the burst of the real estate bubble – and lost! Now the latest statistics show that the housing prices going down in every capital city except Melbourne. So is this the end of the Great Australian Real Estate Dream?

the wire: election 2010: the marginal seat of Sturt

As part of our dedicated election coverage on “the wire” all of this week we are taking a look at the marginal seats which will determine who wins government on Saturday. Today “the wire” headed out to visit the electorate of Sturt in Adelaide’ s eastern suburbs where Liberal Member of Parliament Christopher Pyne holds his seat by a margin of 0.9 per cent .

the wire: do marine sanctuaries still have a function?

Australia is usually a global leader in protecting marine environments at risk, a job which is made harder by pollution, climate change and marine traffic disruptions. A policy u-turn by the coalition could see them under further threat.




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